Prevent slipping and injury in the workplace with Sure Grip Non Slip Floor Treatment Solutions



Included are a few testimonials from delighted customers with floors that have been treated by Sure Grip and maintained with Sure Grip cleaner/degreaser. Our customers see tremendous improvement from the moment our treatment is applied, and with proper maintenance using our Sure Grip cleaner, are ensured that their staff and their customers are considerably safer and able to walk with confidence.


"...I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to report that after SureGrip treated our floors, they were no longer slippery even when wet. I now know that my associates and my customers are safe from slips and falls. I highly recommend's a must... the best insurance policy anyone can buy for their floors."

Al Coggin,
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"Your floor cleaner is far superior to any other product I have used in my 28 years in the funeral business. I feel confident that my associates are working in a cleaner and safer environment thanks to your company."

John Osborn,
General Manager
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"I am very happy to report that after you treated our tile with SureGrip, the formerly slippery tile surface is secure even when wet. I feel assured that our servers and our customers are safe from slips and falls."

Jim Norman,
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"...After SureGrip treated our floors, they were no longer slippery when wet. The Sure Grip floor cleaner and sanitizer is far superior to any product I have used in my 16 years in the restaurant business. I feel confident my customers and my associates are safer from slip and fall accidents. I highly recommend SureGrip services and products to anyone with slippery floors."

Ron Elsensohn
General Manager,
Piccadilly Cafeterias, Inc.
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"SureGrip did an excellent job cleaning and treating our floors with no interruption to business."

LaWana Rasmussen,
General Manager
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"In the past twenty-two years I have seen and tried many so called '"slip-resistant" processe; none of them have proven to be as effective as "SureGrip"."

Jeff Barker,
Market Coach
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"This is an excellent PI for any facility which can have many falls."

Brenda Wilkerson,
Dietary Department
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"We have not had an incident of falling in the kitchen and cafeteria since we started using the product."

Richard Roozen,
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Sonny's Bar-B-Que (Tricor, Inc.)
"Since we have started using SureGrip we have had no claims for slips and falls with employees or customers."

Ed Tubel,
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SureGrip has reduced the number of slip and fall accidents at many places of business. Management and staff enjoy significantly improved safety in walking and working conditions after application of our environmentally safe floor treatment, and our traction enhancing daily cleaner is unsurpassed. Production, efficiency, and service speed up dramatically, with immediate results and savings to you.

We hope that you will allow us to add you to our Satisfied Customer List...
We'll give you a SureGrip on your floors and a SureGrip on your profits!

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